Property Profile

As part of my marketing plan, I provide a Property Profile. A Property Profile contains pertinent data about an individual property. It includes specific information on the home itself, the area and schools, financing information on the existing loan and available loans, and information on the company.

This Homebook can be a valuable marketing tool in making potential buyers realize the quality and value your home has to offer. It also will distinguish your home from the competition because most real estate agents won't go to the trouble to assemble one. The buyers appreciate the information and it can become a permanent record for that home.

Additional items that you can provide:

  • Utility bills for the past 12 months
  • A list of all energy features
  • A copy of your floor plan and survey
  • Photos of the house that might be of interest
  • A list of replacement items and dates
  • Any warranties or certificates
  • Neighborhood organizations or amenities
  • Special information about schools & churches
  • News articles about the area or residents
  • Any documentation about the home
  • Anything that might be of interest to a buyer