What Makes Me Different

There are a lot of agents available and willing to help you with your home purchase. To make a solid case for letting me help you, I have to provide more services and higher-level services both before the sale and after the sale. I am not just looking for one sale to you. I want you to consider me as your real estate professional for life.

The reasons for doing business with me must be so compelling that not only will you not consider doing business with anyone else, you will refer me to your friends who are looking to buy or sell a home.

Neighborhood Knowledge

I'll know the neighborhoods that you are considering or will find someone who does. I will identify comparable sales, and information on the schools, shopping, crime, demographics, and other things you feel are important.

Appropriate Houses to Consider

I'll look for what you want and can afford in an area you want to live. I'll show you all the homes that are available not just the ones that I have listed. I will look for homes that are not yet on the market.

Good Financial Decisions

Every buyer needs basic financial information to make a good buying decision. You'll know that you qualify for the home, what the payments and the closing costs will be. I'll also make additional suggestions like making extra principal contributions with your regular payment and suggest an alternative type of mortgage to allow for the least expensive cost of housing.

Work Diligently to Find Your Home

I'll work hard to find your new home. I understand that finding a home is a priority and will consider it the same. I'll screen and preview homes so as to not waste your time and when I find one that I feel meet your needs, I'll show it to you as quickly as possible.

You become familiar with how I work so that you can place confidence in my ability. You develop rapport necessary to communicate easily and I can come to understand your particular needs. I can afford to make a commitment in time and effort because I can feel assured of making a sale.